Welcome to Zickafoose.com


     This site is currently being constructed.   Be sure to check out our family business website at:  www.zickafoose.net    That site is under construction as well and hopefully will be up soon.           

     Welcome Family, friends and guests.  I hope to have this site completed by the end of this year or early next.  For my family members I am open to suggestions on what we would like on this website as well as the business website I am putting together.  During this holiday season lets remember those family members no longer with us and pray for family members that are a bit under the weather.  

     I am going to try and be creative and hopefully this site will be something all family members will find useful.  I'm currently looking into a calendar to post family events and birthdays.  I promise not to put the birth year.  I want to put a section for our family tree and some history if possible. I know my dad would like to see some of the photos we took of West Virginia this past summer posted to our site. Especially those of Nallen.  I will send something out this year and would really appreciate some ideas.  Private and secure pages will be made available.  I will also be able to setup email addresses to those of you who might be interested.   Email addresses will be limited.